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Panda U3

The best roblox executor with a lot of features and a good UI. Enjoy scripting without limits.

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Our primary offering, the Panda U3 Executor, encompasses numerous features that set it apart.

Friendly UI

Our executor has a good UI and is easy to use. We have a lot of features and a good UI. Enjoy scripting without limits.

UWP Support

Our Authentication Key system service providing a good and secured serverside. We usually do a pentesting first before launching the new update publicly and fixing most of the vulnerabilities so its harder for hackers to do bypass serversided.

High Quality

Panda U3 offers high-efficient User Interface, setting new standards for both aesthetic appeal and user experience. Its interface can be described as a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality.

Powerful Lua Executor

Powered by a Custom DLL for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Version of Roblox with Expecting 89-95% UNC Support, well developed from Argon Team.

Customizable Feature

Image & Video Theme since A+ Series that makes Panda U3 unique to other executor, with Highly Improved Codebase from A+ Series, More Stable and Reliable than it's predessesor.

One-Click Pelican Key Assistant

Panda U3 Supports Any Hub that uses Pelican Key System to ( Generate Link ) more appealing & best without having issue with some limitation that many executor may having trouble such as setclipboard().